Vintage Wooden Pray Big Sign

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Handcrafted vintage wooden sign "Pray Big"

Dimensions 14" long x 4" wide x 3/4"thick


“Man would not be able to evolve on this planet if it was not for the tree. The tree requires admiration, thanks and thought and I hope each piece I craft will spark that conversation in a household”.

Jonathan Tommey and his family moved from London in 2012 to build the autism center here in the beautiful Hill Country in Austin and live on a 40-acre ranch doing just that. As a craftsman, Jonathan works with adults with autism to create beautiful and unique pieces for any interior. This provides vocational and work opportunities for the adults and supports their learning and vocation and provides enormous satisfaction to them knowing that one of their creations will help provide essential funds and support them here at the autism center.

Tommey hopes that his work will start a discussion to initiate an educational process that delivers the tree and its natural beauty back into the household. For more information please visit 


100% of proceeds go to the Autism Trust USA 501c3.