Extreme Elderberry Syrup

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Extreme Elderberry Syrup is our Awesome yummy amped up version of regular Elderberry Syrup, Read our ingredients and look up their properties and qualities. This syrup should help not only boost your immune system but would be great for those with a cough or cold. 

The bottle has a syringe adapter for easy use and 3ml syringe comes with each bottle.

For Children During Flu and Cold season 3ml doses Twice Daily Nonflu Season 3ml Dose once Daily.
For Adults During Flu and Cold Season 6ml dose Twice Daily, Non-Flu Season one 6ml Dose once Daily.


Organic Elderberry Extract, Organic Blueberry, Raspberry, Orange, Boysenberry & Blackberry extracts, Ginger Root Extract, Organic Lemon Juice & Extract, Organic Raw Unrefined Honey, Organic Brown sugar, Blueberry Spirits, Black-strap Molasses, Organic Nutmeg, Organic Clove, Organic Cinnamon, Cardamom Seed Extract

Lynette has a love for making Homecrafted soaps which are so amazing and mild for your skin. She also creates Lotions, Perfumes, Lip Balms, Body Scrubs, Bath Bombs, Mineral & Fizzing Bath Salts. Lynette is not able to work a normal job due to a heart issue but loves what she does. She has two special needs children- Lillie who has Autoimmune Neutropenia and Jasmine who has severe autism and other health conditions. All of Lynette’s products are made with lots of love!


Barron 10 Acre Farm will be donating 15% of this sale to the Autism Trust USA.