Detox Bath Bombs W/ FREE Vaccine Liberation Sticker Also Heavy Metal Detox

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Vaccine Detox Bath Bombs. Also great Heavy Metal Detox

Our Beautiful Daughter Lillie was injured by Vaccines and it has since sent me on a mission to try to help others avoid such injury and sickness. It is something most are blind to until it happens to their child... 

Our Daughter ended up being diagnosed with Autoimmune Neutropenia after the six Vaccinations she received and must receive injections of Neupogen three times a week that we must do... It is hard to have to inject your child... I have been doing her detox baths and also have her on a combination of herbal extracts and other things to help boost her immunity back up. She is two and a half now and has been receiving these injection meds since a lil over a year ago. With what we are doing on top of it to help her numbers are finally soaring... <3 Her Hematologist told us to keep doing whatever we're doing... We later found out her little sister Jasmine is severely Autistic. We have a long road ahead of us and are glad to be helping as many families as we can. You can see our Vaxxed Interview here for more of our story.. 

I created these bath bombs after extensive research into detox for vaccines and toxins. 

Each order comes with a Vaccine Liberation Army sticker of high quality that you can use indoor or outdoors to help spread the word we have one on every vehicle.. It is in the pictures.. If you do not want the sticker please add a note when checking out. 

All proceeds from my detox products go into ingredients and stickers to help spread awareness of the dangers of Vaccines, setting up and supplying cards for protests, sending out free detox to those who can not afford it but need it. 

*You can add two if you are over 60 lbs. 

If pregnant may be best to wait till after delivery nothing in my bath bombs is harmful in any way but I am not a doctor and think it best to wait till after. 

Run a nice warm bath to open pores as much as possible put bath bomb in water it will fizzle and dissolve into tub let soak for 15-20 minutes per bath bomb session. We noticed that with our kids the water the first few times we did this was very grey when they were done and even hard to see the drain thru the water. After only 3 weeks the effects were much less.. When my husband did his the water was very dark when finished. I rinse off when we're done just to get the residue from the bath back off. Doing these Once a week for at least four weeks seems to work best. No need to neutralize the water the citric acid in the bath bomb will do so... 

If less than a whole bath bomb is desired to use than either take it out after it dissolves halfway and save rest for another bath or cut before using.. 

Got the Ingredients and Instructions printed to go with each order now. 


Baking Soda, Citric Acid (Lemon Salt Derived), Bentonite Clay, Epsom Salt, Frankincense & Myrrh Powder, Essential Oil Blend (Safe for Two Months+), Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Gluten Free Colloidal Oatmeal, Unrefined West African Shea Butter, Witch Hazel

*I am no Doctor and make no claims to health or healing, this product has not been tested by the FDA