About Polly's Place

Polly’s Place is an online store, part of the Autism Center Austin, that allows individuals with autism and their families to sell and showcase their skills and products. From handcrafted gifts, cards, stationery and artwork, to candles, ceramics, and home furnishings -PLUS, seasonal and fresh organic horticultural and bakehouse produce.

Polly’s Place will be a “honeypot” of wonderful products and goods.

In the future other products that will be available:

  • Hand-crafted paintings
  • Jewelry
  • Drawings
  • Digital Art
  • Water Color
  • Furniture
  • Photo Prints
  • Hand-crafted models
  • and more...

Also visit Polly's Place, UK Shop that is our sister store.


More about the Autism Trust

The Autism Trust USA is a Christian based 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, committed to serving individuals, families, and communities living with autism. We strive to build futures with a purpose for all individuals, regardless of age, ability, race, faith or gender. It is our mission to provide vocational, educational, wellness, and semi-independent residential programs in an environment rich with physical, spiritual, and emotional support. The Autism Trust provides a supportive and nurturing environment that fosters independence, builds life skills, and generates community support and awareness of the vast capabilities of individuals with autism.